I reaaaally want a baby. Like my bf getting me pregnant would be dream come true! Like as weird as it sounds being a teen mom seems okay with me. The problem is that nobody else, including my boyfriend, wants me pregnant. How do I talk myself outta wanting a baby?

Well, to answer your question about how to talk yourself out of wanting a baby…you can’t. As humans our job is to procreate, it’s human instinct. Add in the fact that these days having a baby is glamorized BIG TIME, it’s only natural to want a baby. HOWEVER, you really have to think these things through. Think about all the things you want to be able to give your baby, can you afford them and still be able to afford the things you need to survive? If you had a baby, would you be living day to day just barely getting by? Now think about you and your boyfriend and your lives now. He doesn’t want to have a baby at this point in his life, so how do you think he would react to becoming a father? Are you ready to be a single mother if the situation called for it? Are you actually ready to give up friends, freedom, your body, hell, a good night’s sleep? Babies are amazing but only if you and your significant other are ready. Be a kid, finish school, go to college/university. Make stupid choices and be wild and selfish while you can because if you become a teen mom everything you do is scrutinized (it’s like walking on a tight rope over a shark tank). In addition to that, you’re a mother. Someone is ENTIRELY dependent on you and your life is no longer about you. It’s about your child.

Cute baby!!!

Thank you!♡

Are you still not allowing the mother of the baby's father near your child?

She is not allowed near him, no and in light of some recent events I know that I have made the right decision.

I know this is late and all But I read that question with the teen and the dry humping? I believe if they were wearing clothes there is no possible way for her to get pregnant ( I would've been a mommy by now if that was the case.) because holes in clothes are too tiny for the sperm to get into. I missed my period for three months and eventually got it ( the anon should go to the doctor and make sure their hormones are ok.) I thought I'd just say. Btw adorable baby you have VwV

Very valid point but I was referring to when you fool around without wearing clothes. I suppose I should have been more specific! Thanks for pointing that out and thank you!(:

Where have I been!!! I just saw that you had your son! He's so precious! Congratulations!

Thank you!!♡