Do you have any advice for a girl who may be pregnant at 17? *cough cough* Me?

Well, seeing as I got pregnant at 17, of course I do! Haha
First off, take a deep breath and realize that though this is not a death sentence it is a very serious situation that requires some very hard decisions. Remember that this is YOUR body and you have every right to do with YOUR body as YOU see fit, regardless of what anyone else says. If you don’t feel ready at all, understand that that is OK! You are young and you very well may not be, so look into your options and keep an open mind. If you feel ready to take on pregnancy but not motherhood (because believe me, even just being pregnant is very hard) then look into your options and again, keep an open mind. If you feel ready and know you will have the necessary support then, well my dear…welcome to motherhood! It’s hard and scary and I’m warning you now, sometimes you’ll feel like you can’t do it but there is absolutely always a way and it’s beyond worth it. Pregnancy is absolutely beautiful and you are beautiful. Feeling your child grow inside you is…the most amazing thing you will ever experience you will have if you’re ready to have it. I wish you the absolute best of luck with your future and want you to know that I am ALWAYS here for advice and support!♡


So I was talking to my friend about colouring books and she showed me this one.


And then there was this page.


And finally this absolute gem!


How amazing is this book?! I want one.

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dear body,
im sorry ive been so mean to you all this time. im sorry for all those times i stood infront of the mirror and said hurtful things about you. im sorry i never thought you were good enough. you deserve better. thanks for giving me lungs to breathe and legs to walk. this is my promise to you to be nicer in the future. this is my promise to stand confidently and show you off because you’re beautiful at a size 2 or a size 10

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